Writing an expressive book

Book on FACS
PM, Realistis

On the screen, you express emotions through your voice and your facial expressions.

Soon, I will publish a book about facial expressions (FACS).

All facial expressions will be listed, and more importantly, how to produce them in 3D with open source software.

There are around 184 pictures for 1GB of pictures (300dpi):

Since Kindle Direct Publishing charges the publisher $0.10 (€0.10) per downloaded MB, we should pay $20 for a 200MB book (after selecting and reducing the pictures) at each download from a customer. We're looking for an alternative to keep the price low.

Beyond Action Units from the Facial Action Coding System, it will include studies about matching a real actor, wrinkles that enhance expressions, tensions, and everything below the skin, like fat pads that actually build the wrinkles:

AU1: Worried

Because a laugh without wrinkles is not complete: