Music for mood

Mid 2018, we published a classical play of a famous music piece in 4K:

This is to introduce music creation at Realistis.

Music is a delicate subject when you have a good ear but can't play.

There's only one instrument I can play and create music with, nobody knows it, it's a virtual Tonnetz I built using keyboard + MIDI drivers. 

The Tonnetz originally is based on Euler's work on tonal space in 1739.

The good news is, it relies on harmonic from the European classical music, exactly what fits the modern-medieval Realistis world.

For the rythme, I wanted something natural and not associated to war like drums, so I went with heart beats.

These melodies stick to the brain .. and loops pretty well.

So the scores will be selected based on mathematical european music!

To give you a quick overview of a virtual Tonnetz and something I composed using it (only the bass line is visible):