Realistis VR Apps

In 2016, I created a VR app to offer anyone a place to build a business. 

This was the natural route after my position as head of Europe Digital Marketing Manager for the Expansys-Brandpath group (now Brandpath).

Once you wear your VR heaset to jump into your Realistis virtual environment, you could import any 3D object you have, in OBJ format, from an Excel-like file. Each object could come with its details (name, description, price, ...) and it was displayed above each object.

Since, I applied for a provisonal pantent at the USPTO, I presented our concept at the CES in Las Vegas helped by the Montpellier Business Incubator Center (BIC) and La Région Occitanie.

It raised good media coverage in the French press:

I pitched at the French village at the CES: 

Previously, we published 16 VR mobile apps around personality traits. Each app was targeting one of the 16 personalities and we gathered valuable information about each personality and reaction to VR and apps in general. 

We offered results at a dedicated event at the CES. 

and we started local events:

VR was in its infancy, so exciting!

It provided good contacts and follow-ups, but the market was not ready, and to be frank, we were not ready. VR device pricing tag was too high, partners were waiting for big player moves. Well, it didn't come out, but we learned a lot in the process.

Video is on the viveport website, here's the direct link (mp4 will play into your browser):


The main thing we understood is that you need a story, a world with a meaning.

Since then, I'm working on Realistis World and stories. More in a dedicated page.