Realistis World

Logline: Alex, a young candide wakes up every day without memories on a medieval but futuristic planet where the vast majority of the characters match to personality traits in Alex's real life. They influence Alex in 70 adventures that last one day . Gedefposini helps Alex to understand this world and change for good.

“Candide” meets “The Simpsons” meets “The lord of the rings” meets "Dora the explorer”

Each A-story is 8 pages (8 minutes), in 17 moves and 3 acts. If we add B-stories, it can strech to 20+ minutes overall.

A classic structure is followed:

  • Act 1 : Situation, conflict, personal problem to solve
  • Act 2 : Solving actions, problem get worse, dilemma
  • Act 3: Breaking habit, decision, resolution, epilogue

Here's a view of the small planet.

As you can see on the image above, diameter (Z dimension) from pole to pole is 241km (150 mi) with very high mountains, various climates, from a frozen lake to tropical coasts. It is built using true scale to keep planet curvature making coast, mountains and cities to appear while you travel.

It will be a gigantic (virtual) cinema studio of 368x184km (228x114 mi) that will include multiple cities, villages, ports, boats, props, roads and paths to help build stories around characters within 5 tribes, in the first season.

Why (not) building a planet?

Short story: Characters, Challenge, Stories.

Realistis' goal is to help people change their habits for good through entertainment in a kind environment.

According to scientists, to change a habit, you need to change your habit (ah!) ... every day ... for 66+ days in a stable and repetitive environment.

We decided to go for 70 days (10 or 14 weeks), with 70 stories on the planet, one story each day.

You add your own challenges and achieve them every day to finish watching the episode, your habits change.

We also propose a simple challenge of kindness per day to help you and bring creativity if you can't achieve your challenge or if you don't have any. We currently provide 200+ challenges and welcome others.

You'll enjoy sharing with the characters with specific personality traits. These are actors and also personalities you'll interact with.

Since challenges are achieved locally and we all might need support sometimes, we're also thinking of local support groups.

In these future local support groups, you will be able to meet in person with others.

The first rules of theses groups are:

We need changes in our lives.

Important changes are for love.

These groups build the global Realistis community.

Kindness love is the centerpiece because we believe kindness helps you change and we need more love in this world.

Realistis, an adventure to change yourself

A series of daily adventures and challenges to meet yourself and others